From the CEO: Women and Disability

I am not a fan of recognition days. National Nurse’s Day. (May 5)  National Pi Day (3.14 of course) and National Get over it Day (March 9 th)…someone has way too much time on their hands.

In 1987 Congress passed a resolution declaring March as National Women’s History Month. March is also Disability Awareness month albeit by designation a year later in 1988. I started to wonder if we could combine the two.

When I have thought of inspirational individuals related to disability in the past, they were primarily male. Matisse or Stephen Hawking and President Bush. I did write once about Harriet Tubman, but looking through history and literature, the stories of men seem to be a little more prevalent.

So for March, let me share a few links where you can find some stories, some perhaps inspirational, some funny and some you may know. Let their words carry you through this month and hopefully longer. Be one of the women who will make a difference in the world…or help one believe they can be that person.

Helen Keller

Simi Linton

Stella Young

Let’s not make it a special day or a special month. Be aware every day and see how you can include people of all abilities each day. I would like to think that I appreciate a good chocolate chip cookie any day (August 4).