AWS Foundation COVID-19 Response

We acknowledge that individuals with disabilities live, work, and recreate throughout the communities we serve. Their families are dependent on schools and agency services for direct care and support. Many families of those with disabilities live below the poverty level and/or are dependent upon a limited income that may be compromised in times of emergency and disaster.

We believe that in being a part of an inclusive community, during times of emergency, agencies who serve all will serve those with disabilities. Funding may be provided to those agencies whose missions do not speak to disabilities specifically. Emergency funding may also be requested from established grantees to cover unplanned/unbudgeted expenses. Funding requests should be to serve the communities of Northeast Indiana.

Examples of funding may include:

  • Funding to food distribution centers
  • Funding to agencies who are providing emergency services throughout the region.
  • Funding to direct service agencies in Northeast Indiana for families who obtain supportive services.  This funding may be used for food or other emergency expenses
  • Funding to agencies providing temporary housing and shelter

Our goal is to give you a response to your request in 24-48 hrs. If your request is approved, we will get the grant agreement to you immediately so that you may receive payment as quickly as possible. Your board chair or a member of your executive committee must sign the grant agreement.

To apply for emergency funding, click here.

COVID-19 Resources

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