Camp PossAbility by Dustin Faurote

Bicycles are often banalities that are easily ignored; they rust and decay in yards, garages, or are simply forgotten. Many people may find bikes to be a nuisance upon society when health conscious cyclists bogart the road while ignoring the beautifully painted bicycle lane. It can be easy to take cycling and other activities for granted. Opportunities to ride bikes, swim, participate in sports, and essentially embrace life are all too easily accessible for many of us, but for the many people with physical disabilities we too are seen as banal and easily ignored. Thankfully, Lauren Harmison is an undeniably wonderful person who created a place for the physically disabled to embrace life and have fun in ways that are normally impossible; this haven is known as Camp PossAbility. 

For one week a year the camp allows people with physical disabilities to participate in activities that were seemingly far beyond our grasp. For the first time in over a decade I rode a bike, played volleyball in a pool, and enjoyed a lake for more than the view. The week is not an escape from the reality of our disabilities, but a reminder that we can still embrace life and have fun. Camp PossAbility is not only full of many adapted activities to explore, but also great people. Volunteers from all walks of life provide the support many of us need, but this support is not limited to physically assisting campers. A week at Camp PossAbility is a blessing that allows us to experience the many opportunities and adaptations of which the disabled are unaware. Upon leaving camp I could hardly fathom all I had gained: friends who share the same trials and triumphs that accompany disabilities, friends who chose to give their time to help us, as well as the knowledge that I am capable of so much more and there are many opportunities for me to enjoy the banalities I so dearly missed.