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    Riverfront Development

    Riverfront Fort Wayne is an initiative that envisions a revitalized downtown riverfront area easily accessible to all residents and visitors alike that is a regional destination offering opportunities to experience nature, recreation, shopping, dining and entertainment in a whole new way.

    AWS Foundation awarded $200,000 to the project for the support of riverfront development accessibility planning that will make Fort Wayne’s riverfront a welcoming and exciting destination for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and friends.

    A portion of the funding is to ensure that planning for riverfront development includes consideration of unique amenities that will make the riverfront development responsive to the needs and interests of the disability community. The remaining funds can be used for the additional costs incurred for capital improvements to enhance the riverfront experience for individuals with disabilities.

    Along with our $200,000 grant, a 50% match from Lilly Endowment under the Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow program provided an additional $100,000 for projects funded with AWS dollars.

    To learn more about Riverfront Fort Wayne, visit www.riverfrontfw.org or email riverfrontfw@cityoffortwayne.org.

    AWS grants given:

    • 2016: To implement a public civic community art project engaging under served populations
    • 2015: To support riverfront development accessibility planning
    Riverfront Fort Wayne