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    McMillen Health

    The mission of McMillen Health is to provide vital, effective preventive health education that promotes physical, emotional, and social well-being.

    AWS grants given:

    • 2021: Varied Abilities Days
    • 2021: Oral health needs assessment in Indiana.
    • 2020: Varied Abilities Days
    • 2019: Varied Abilities Days
    • 2018: Varied Abilities Days
    • 2017: For Varied Abilities Days program
    • 2016: For the Brush! Oral Health program
    • 2015: To create an Improving Oral Health curriculum and training program, and to expand their Body Talk program
    • 2014: Seed money for the new Brush! program for special needs preschoolers attending Fort Wayne Community School and program support for “A Healthier Future” education programs on tobacco prevention, nutrition, hygiene and sexuality
    McMillen Health