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    Children’s Choir of Huntington

    The Community Choirs of Huntington County is a non-profit organization that has been providing a quality choral experience to the children of Huntington County in Indiana for over 20 years. The Community Choirs of Huntington County is a music performance program emphasizing music skills and understanding through choral music experience. Rehearsal and performances of quality musical literature form the foundation of our instruction. The choir exists to artistically enrich the lives of the children, their families and the community.

    AWS grants given:

    • 2021: Joyful Songsters Inclusive Choir
    • 2019: Joyful Songsters Inclusive Choir
    • 2018: Joyful Songsters Inclusive Choir
    • 2017: For Joyful Songsters Inclusive Choir
    • 2016: For the inclusive Joyful Songsters Choir and professional choral staff
    • 2015: To create an inclusive choir for teens and adults with and without disabilities
    Children’s Choir of Huntington County