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    Autism Society of Indiana

    ASI is a leading resource in Indiana for connecting people who live with autism, and those who care about them, with resources, support, advocacy and information tailored to their unique needs. ASI strives to create communities throughout the state in which people on the autism spectrum and their families are empowered, supported and fully embraced by their community.

    AWS grants given:

    • 2021: Research and plan for their Launch into School program
    • 2019: Area support coordinator
    • 2018:Area support coordinator and career services
    • 2017: For rural outreach parent education and support
    • 2016: For the CareerAlly program support and staffing for parent education and support
    • 2015: For CareerAlly job placement program and for the rural outreach program for person-centered care coordination
    • 2014: Program support to expand the current nine-county outreach services and increase the Allen County outreach hours, and program support to continue the roll-out of CareerAlly, a software program designed to match prospective employees with disabilities and employers
    Autism Society of Indiana