Disability Awareness Month 2017

Disability Awareness Month aims to bring attention to the positive impact people with disabilities make in our communities and promotes a message of inclusion and acceptance for everyone.

This March, AWS Foundation, along with individuals, businesses and organizations across the state will be promoting the theme of this year’s campaign which emphasizes that people with disabilities want to be treated just like anyone else.

“Too often, people with disabilities are called inspirational for simply living their daily lives and doing activities like going to work, playing sports, or taking care of their yard,” said Christine Dahlberg, executive director of the Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities. “These individuals don’t want to be objectified or treated differently, such as when the undefeated high school wrestler lets a competitor with Down Syndrome win. They don’t want to be the subject of someone’s college essay or featured in an inspirational Facebook meme. They are people with complex lives, hopes and dreams, and just want to be treated like everyone else. The Council applauds AWS Foundation for joining in the important effort to spread awareness.”

As in previous years, Disability Awareness Month 2017 will be celebrated with community-based activities carried out by thousands of advocates and people with disabilities throughout the state. Activities include mayoral proclamations, art contests and awareness campaigns in schools, government agencies and businesses.

For more information about Disability Awareness Month 2017 activities and how you can participate, call Andie Mosley at 260.207.5796.  If you would like to order free Disability Awareness materials from the Governor’s Council, visit indianadisabilityawareness.org or contact the Council at council@gcpd.in.gov.